Friday Beer – RHBC Lemon Yellow Sun Hoppy Wheat Lager

After weeks of battling to get a regular flow of Friday Beers the drought seems to have finally come to an end. The Real Beer Revolution got hold of us on Wednesday with info that they had been allocated beer mule for the Richmond Hill Brewing Co. His package, the new RHBC Lemon Yellow Sun Hoppy Wheat Lager. We’re staggered he messaged us at all.

RHBC Lemon Yellow Sun Hoppy Wheat Lager

We’ll be honest, this is the second beer we’ve posted that at the time of writing we had not yet tried. But when it’s Mike from Real Beer Revolution giving it a thumbs up we’re pretty sure it’s a safe bet. This is also true of beers that are not so good, Mike will be sure to tell you. Most of the time in more ways than one. Fortunately, we’ve been lead to believe this is not one of them.

And we’re stoked to hear this because we’ve never heard of a “Hoppy Wheat Lager”. The Little Wolf Hoppy Lager that was produced in 2018 was delicious and we’re sad we didn’t get round to featuring it at the time. Jungle hat, it was a good beer. So now we’ve got the “Hoppy Wheat Lager” we’re intrigued. So we did what we do whenever we’re unsure, we asked the brewer Niall.

With Lemon Yellow Sun we wanted to merge German lager practises with American hopping techniques to attempt to achieve a crisp easy drinking lager that has a solid hop punch! Decided to go with Hallertauer Mittelfrueh for the German counterpart and then BRU-1, a not so well known American hop, to impart a tangerine/citrus note. The wheat comes in to add a spin on what would otherwise be a classic lager malt bill.

Hallertauer Mittelfrueh and BRU-1 both sound technical but they are basically two different hop varieties. In terms of availability:

  • Richmond Hill Brewing Co
  • Beeryard
  • Beershack
  • Fig Tree Tops
  • Biggest Little Beer Shop
  • Radiokop Tops
  • Kloof Street Spar
  • Sunridge Tops

This weeks beer may not be the easiest to get your hands on but we like to think it’s totally worth the effort. When you have had a chance to try please be sure to let us, and them, know what you think.

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