Friday Beer – Stellenbosch Brewing Co. Pina Colada Scream IPA

We’re very proud of the fact that the Friday Beer series has been going for as long as it has. Some breweries have made as many as four appearances here. It gives a huge amount of credibility to the beers that they continue to produce; nailing it in terms of quality, consistency and variety. On the topic of variety comes this weeks beer. It is the Stellenbosch Brewing Co. Pina Colada Scream IPA, and it’s their third appearance on the blog.

Stellenbosch Brewing Co. Pina Colada Scream IPA
We’re a fan of good looking labels and the Stellenbosch Brewing Co. Pina Colada Scream IPA nails it. Screams juicy, fruity, refreshing goodness. Looks like a tropical paradise in a can. Delicious.

The brew is a collaboration between the Stellenbosch Brewing Co and Scottish based Fierce Beer. Beyond this (and knowing it tastes as good as it looks), we didn’t know much so we dropped Stellies brewer Bruce Collins a few quick questions.

  • How did you and Fierce get in touch? Myself and Karen (Bruce’s wife) met Dave and Louise Grant (Fierce) at the 2017 Cape Town Festival of Beer and spoke about doing a unique beer together someday. In 2019 Fierce travelled to Stellenbosch to make this a reality! We plan to return the favour with a trip to Scotland some time in the future!
  • And the decision to do a Pina Colada IPA? When a proudly South African brewery and a very proud Scottish brewery from Aberdeen come together you’d expect a Sorghum Wee Heavy or a Scotch Ale spiked with Marula perhaps… or why not a unique Afro-Celtic cocktail that brings all the girls (and boys) to the yard!
  • How much did you brew? Originally 1 single 1000L batch which is close to sold out only a few weeks later. Due to popular demand we have another double batch (2000L) in the fermenter which will be ready in April. Watch this space!
  • Where is it available? Currently at the Stellies Taproom and directly from Stellenbosch Brewing Co at the back door. We are in Biggest Little Beer Shop and soon to be at Havoc in Durbanville. Also Roeland Liquors in CT and Beer Shack and Beer Yard in PE. Hoping to add a few Gauteng outlets in April.
  • Be honest, how much of this had you had? Just a wee dram!

It’s another great beer worth supporting and we fully encourage you to give it a crack this weekend. Let us, and them, know what you think.

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