Win Tickets to the 2019 Fools & Fans Beer Festival

It’s been a while since we’ve given tickets away and it’s about time we rectify that. We dropped Trevor Gerntholtz, Founding Fool of the Fools & Fans Beer Festival a message. The request was simple. More people need to know about the destination Beer Festival that is the Fools & Fans and could we possibly give some tickets away. His response, absolutely!

2019 Fools & Fans Beer Festival 03

Taking place in Greyton the Fools & Fans is a tremendous beer festival. About two hours from Cape Town it is a perfect weekend escape with no shortage of Airbnb offerings (use this link for up to R825 off). This, the 3rd edition of the Festival is happening on Saturday the 6th of April. There aren’t many Ubers around that area. Not that it matters as Greyton is so small you can walk home. Possibly via one of the eateries that will be open once the Festival closes at 19h00.

We went to the Festival last year and had a barrel of laughs. And we weren’t going to miss it this year. This was what happened in 2018.

How’s that puppy at 1:25!

At last count there were over 15 breweries making an appearance at the Festival. Frontier Beer Co and Mad Giant Brewing Co even making the long trek down from Joburg to be there. Not to mention recently featured Richmond Hill Brewing Co making an appearance from Port Elizabeth. Others include Drifter Brewing Co, Kennel Brewing, Little Wolf and Metal Lane. That’s a pretty impressive list already.

Along with breweries there will also be live music, food stalls, a supervised kids area as well as a home brewers and a sour dough competition. There will be a food and beer pairing however those tickets were unfortunately sold out weeks ago (sorry!). Click the link below to book tickets otherwise skip it to find out how to win.

How to win

Head over to Facebook, Like our Page, then on this Facebook Post tell us who you would like to take AND why. The most convincing reason will win the tickets and find themselves at the Festival on Saturday. Two winners will be chosen on Wednesday the 3rd of April. Good luck!


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