Friday Beer – Camelthorn Brewing IPA

This weeks Friday Beer has been in the pipeline for a really long time. Its release has been teased for months so we’re glad to see it has all finally reached the local fridges. And quite frankly it’s also nice to see another IPA available in South Africa. It may be brewed by Namibian Breweries but we’re okay with that, it’s the Camelthorn Brewing IPA.

Camelthorn Brewing IPA

We’re not entirely sure if this release will join their standard line up (Weiss and Helles), or if it will be a seasonal. (Remember the Camelthorn Brewing Urbock that we featured last year? It shouldn’t be long before we see it reappear.) We enjoyed this IPA, and we hope that Namibian Breweries would consider making it a staple.

Camelthorn beers are brewed to be easy drinking, none of them are too out there to scare a “traditional” beer drinker away. What’s really good about this is it encourages these “traditional” drinkers to try something that is… well… not a lager. Shows them there are options outside of this type of brew and that these other options are actually very palatable. In saying that you can almost think of Camelthorn as a “gateway” beer. If you disagree with us you wouldn’t be the first.

We’re afraid we don’t have any to give away but if you head over to their Facebook Page they are giving 5 cases away. If we do manage to get our hands on some cases be sure to be following us on Instagram and Facebook. In the mean time add at least a 6-pack to your Easter Weekend getaway shop and please do let us know what you think of this new Camelthorn Brewing IPA.

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P.S. Don’t forget to stock up on the Drifter Brewing Co THE HUNT IS ON. Far more fun to chase down than chocolate over the Easter Weekend.

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