Friday Beer – Drifter Brewing Co THE HUNT IS ON

Here we find ourselves heading into the first weekend of April. With it comes the Fools & Fans Beer Festival taking place this weekend in April. We wanted to make sure we featured a beer that would be available not just at the Festival but also to those who won’t be able to make it (sorry). And here we have it, the Drifter Brewing Co THE HUNT IS ON.

Drifter Brewing Co THE HUNT IS ON 00

The beer looks great and it sounds delicious with the description reading:

Inspired by our brewer’s insatiable sweet tooth, this hybrid lager/porter includes hints of cocoa, vanilla, and coconut. Best enjoyed with mounds of other Easter treats!

Casting our mind back we can’t think of an Easter themed beer being produced. We could be wrong but we do try keep on top of things here at Barley&Hops HQ. It’s a great concept strengthened by the prospect of actually having to hunt down the beer. It’s a pretty safe bet that at least 75% of the regular readers of the Friday Beer would be 100% into the idea of a beer riddled easter hunt.

And the fact it is in a can makes it so much more durable to hide and last (if you perhaps forget where you’ve hidden them). This is all thanks to a new business that has recently started operating in and around Cape Town. The company in question Tiny Keg Productions. They operate a much needed mobile canning unit that has been working over time to can beers from Darling, Woodstock, Stellenbosch Brewing, The Cape Brewing Co and obviously Drifter. This is just quick shout out and one we think they deserve.

And that’s really all we have to say about this weeks Friday Beer.

For those who will be at the Fools & Fans Beer Festival this weekend we look forward to having THE HUNT IS ON with you. For those that won’t be, we’re sorry, but at least you will be able to sink into a couple of cans of Drifter Brewing Co THE HUNT IS ON. And we encourage you to do just that.

Drifter Brewing Co: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Ting Keg Productions: Instagram | Twitter


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