Friday Beer – Noon Gun Brewery Bombardier Light Lager

It’s been a while since we featured a new brewery here and we’re glad we can. A couple of weeks ago we were contacted about a new Light Lager from a brewery that has been around for a while. A brewery that seemingly managed to get their distribution right but they couldn’t get the marketing to back it up. The two things needed for a brewery to succeed. They are having another crack at it and we’re glad they are, it’s the Noon Gun Brewery Bombardier Light Lager.

Noon Gun Brewery Bombardier Light Lager

Noon Gun Brewery launched in 2015 in Muizenberg (Cape Town) with beers making their way to market in 2017. Up to this point their standard range had included 3 brews:

  • Smooth Bore Lager
  • 18-Pinder Session IPA
  • Muzzle Loader Weiss
  • Gunslinger Pilsner

Now, we try to be a reliable and possibly even a reputable space to find out about beers worth trying. And in saying that we need to be honest. When we first tried the Noon Gun Beers (possibly early 2018) we weren’t so impressed. In fact we never bought another one again. This, the Noon gun Light Lager has however shifted our opinion. It’s good. It’s a really clean, easy drinking lager that you can spend all afternoon with.

And they seem confident in the rest of their beers now too. We were fortunate enough to receive a goodie pack with their entire range in a really slickly put together case. So, that’s what we will be doing this weekend – “research”. And we will be sure to put updates out on the rest of the range, but given how good the Light Lager is we’re feeling pretty good about it.

As always, let us, and them, know what you think of this beer, the new Noon Gun Brewery Bombardier Light Lager.

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