Friday Beer – Devil’s Peak One Love Unfiltered Pilsner

We were due a Devil’s Peak upload last week unfortunately we missed the boat. It’s certainly not all bad news however as they have had brewer JC Steyn locked up and working hard. We’re told his working conditions are pretty good so we don’t feel too bad. The result of all this, the Devil’s Peak One Love Unfiltered Pilsner. It is this weeks Friday Beer and we’re glad to have it.

Devil's Peak One Love Unfiltered Pilsner

If you were unsure of which Devil’s Peak beer we were meant to feature last week, it was the Devil’s Peak Mistaken for Strangers Brut IPA. Remember the Metal Lane x Saggy Stone Champagne Citra Nova that featured both as a Friday Beer and one of our top six beers of last year? Same style of beer, and one many people instantly fell for. The long and the short, we may not have given the Devil’s Peak Mistaken for Strangers Brut IPA a full feature but it shouldn’t stop you going out and trying it.

Back to the Devil’s Peak One Love Unfiltered Pilsner! We find that rather than us waffling on it is sometimes better to get the details from the horses mouth. So we fired a mail off to Devil’s Peak with a few prying questions, this is what they came back with.

Why does this beer look different to other Devil’s Peak Beers?

The beer is part of our Afrofunk Series. Some background to why Afrofunk….

Innovation is at the heart of the Devil’s Peak brand. From start of the craft beer revolution in South Africa, we have lead the charge in introducing bold, interesting styles in a market saturated with the status quo. From bringing customers the latest global trends to putting our unique twist on brewing classics, we deliver in spades.

It is in this spirit that we are officially launching the Afrofunk series programme, through which unique and market-leading beers will be launched. Produced in the Afrofunk Sours and Wilds facility, our dedicated, in-house barrel-aging and exploration programme, these beers push the boundaries of what beer can and should be, while actively working to elevate the segment to be in line with the very best that the wine and spirits worlds have to offer. 

We do not produce craft beer to sit inside the confounds of what others expect. Exploration – continually pushing the boundaries of style, brewing technique and tradition – means an unending flow of newsworthy beers that customers anticipate, snatch up and rave about. After all, a mind that experiences new things can’t go back to the place it was before. 

Only bottled or canned when absolutely perfected, these releases are the culmination of months and even years of patience and dedication to the art of brewing. Continuing the journey from where Devil’s Peak started, the Afrofunk series gives a definitive answer to the oft asked question, “What is craft beer? 

How did you come up with the name?

We take inspiration from all around, but our last few releases have been based on songs we draw inspiration from or feel relates to what we try and say with the beers

Is this a one off?


How did you decide on a Pilsener? 

Pilsner is one of the most refined and elegant styles of beer. It possesses a lovely hop aroma and fine bitterness while at the same time remaining super drinkable and satisfying. From a brewing perspective its by no means the easiest beer to brew but as Devils Peak we never back away from a challenge.  

Can we expect any other beers in this “series”?

Many many more – Juicy Lucy is coming next week and then we are releasing 3 collaboration beers in quick succession

We’re excited. And we have no doubt the beers still to come will all be up to JC’s standards. Head out, pick up a few of these great looking cans and let us know your thoughts.

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