Friday Beer – Devil’s Peak Vannie Hout Saison

Years ago we remember sitting down at Devil’s Peak when it was still based in Salt River. There was a strange new beer on offer. It came in a champagne bottle which really got us excited – if we’re honest, we’re not really sure why. And it wasn’t cheap. For a couple of guys who had just started their first jobs it was pretty dear in fact. But yoh!, it was good. And we don’t throw yoh! around likely. This weeks beer throws us back to that. It is the Devil’s Peak Vannie Hout Saison.

Devil's Peak Vannie Hout Saison

And now, as we sit here, Thursday evening, having completely forgotten to get the Friday Beer out before this point we’re having a bit of hoppy nostalgia. This Devil’s Peak Vannie Hout Saison is delicious and the miniature champagne bottle gives it a really nice elegant look. It’s somewhat a wolf in sheeps clothing however as it turns around and issues an ABV of 8.5%. This by no stretch of the imagination is a complaint as you really wouldn’t notice. Almost worryingly so.

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Vannie Hout | Shipping Today . First brewed in 2012, Vannie Hout was our initial foray into the world of barrel-aged beers. Drawing from the seasonal beers first brewed in the French-speaking region of Belgium some 300 years ago, this farmhouse ale was our attempt at capturing the fresh, effervescent characteristics of the Saison style with the added complexity and nuance that comes with time in previously filled French oak wine barrels. . With the addition of Brettanomyces, a wild yeast that adds loads of depth and flavour, we were set to create something really special. The result was award-winning and earned this amazing brew a permanent home in our Afrofunk facility. . With this release, you’ll once again be able to experience a milestone in South African brewing that helped to open a wider world of craft beer to the country. . Afrofunk Launches Vannie Hout: Link to blog post in bio!

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Now, on Barley&Hops we try make a tangible difference in the craft beer industry. We do this by asking breweries for new/interesting beers that we think you (the casual beer drinker) would enjoy. In return we do our best to do the beer justice, both here and on social media. With these beers from Devil’s Peak they are brewing such small batches they couldn’t send us any. In fact, their own employees even have to pay full price.

The point really is that this beer is very good. Even at R60 a pop the Devil’s Peak employees are buying it. You don’t get higher credentials in beer than that. So, while we nurse the last few sips home we suggest you add this to the list of beers to try this weekend. Be sure to let us know what you think.

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