Friday Beer: Lakeside Brewing Misty Cliffs Hazy IPA

Truth be told we were going to put another Devil’s Peak beer out this week (guess which one…). They have however recently made an appearance here so expect that next week. Instead we opted for a beer that has been doing the rounds amongst the beer crowd in Cape Town. We were positive we had featured one of this breweries beers before but we seem to be mistaken. No matter, this week we welcome the Lakeside Brewing Misty Cliffs Hazy IPA to the Friday Beer.

Lakeside Brewing Misty Cliffs Hazy IPA

If you’re a frequent reader of the Friday Beer series you have probably picked up along the way that we like our IPAs. Realistically the quickest way to our heart is through a pack of hops. But what we do find is that there are very few “hazy” IPAs. And all this essentially means is that the beer is unfiltered – think of the Cape Brewing Co Amber Weiss. The beer is cloudy and you can’t see through it. At the risk of sounding like a simple marketing speel it actually adds body to the beer. And body is good.

Surprisingly hazy-hued, this juicy IPA has a medium to light body that’s been dry-hopped for a full-on fruity flavour, minus the bitter bite. Taste tropical explosions. Feel creamy characters. Imagine sipping a cold one, or two, which sends you smoothly sailing down a cliff into a fog of more. Glorious.

In essence, it tastes great, and we fully encourage you, as we do every weekend, to get out and try this beer. You may find the first one tastes like a second. And possibly even a third. Let us know your thoughts on the Lakeside Brewing Co Misty Cliffs Hazy IPA.

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