Friday Beer – Feral Brew My City IPA

Mike Halls of the Real Beer revolution has fired up his gypsy brewery again. This time at the Shackleton Brewing Co in Salt River. And it’s always quite exciting when Mike does get brewing. He is his own biggest critic, and truth be told, everyone elses. He has a habit of getting under brewers skin but the harsh reality is that he’s generally right. Beware of Mike, if you ask him what he thinks, he will tell you exactly what he thinks.

Feral Brew My City IPA

The result of this level of criticism is a constant need for great beer. He wanted to see more New England IPAs so he brewed his own with the Richmond Hill Brewing Co. The result was the Break and Enter NEIPA and it was delicious. Expectations are therefore pretty high but when Mike messaged and asked to feature the Feral Brew My City IPA we didn’t hesitate.

The label description reads:

A modern hazy style IPA. Double dry hopped with some big American and Australian varieties and a local element in the whirlpool. The aroma bursts with citrus and tropical fruits. The mouthfeel big and morish, inviting you back for another sip.

That ticks just about every box for sounding like a delicious IPA. On closer inspection of the label we notice that this is not just another beer. This beer is the first in a series showcasing local artists and the cities they love. This, the My City IPA features Keagan Petersen through his Instagram account @FunLifeCapeTown which captures the spirit, beauty and adventure of the Mother City. That’s really difficult not to appreciate and a nice way of supporting local artists.

If the beer makes it to the shelves it won’t be there for very long. Mikes previous beer was a single purchase type deal. You bought a couple of cans and were somewhat guaranteed there would be none left if you wanted more. Fortunately you can pre-order the beer online so get it done now before they run out.

Get your stash and enjoy them fresh. Let us know what you think.

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