Friday Beer – Saggy Stone Brewer’s Small Batch Witbier

We’ve almost hit a point with a lot of breweries in South Africa in that when they send us beer we’re pretty sure it will be good. It may not be winning Gold awards but Silver and Bronze, sure. We’re not speaking specifically to Saggy Stone here we’re simply highlighting the point that we’re excited when we do get a delivery from them. It may be a week or so late but here it is, the Saggy Stone Brewer’s Small Batch Witbier.

Saggy Stone Brewer's Small Batch Witbier

This is their 4th beer in their Small Batch Series coming almost one year after their first release. You can find the full list of their releases here. We have thoroughly enjoyed the entire series up to this point. Their Weizenbock was so good it made it into the Barley&Hops Christmas 6-pack in 2018. And that’s pretty good going given we post over 50 beers a year. Truth be told, between pub hopping in London and getting back and being ill we haven’t had a chance to try it yet. None-the-less we’re not particularly worried about putting the Barley&Hops stamp of approval on it.

The tastings notes read:

Initial aroma of ripe banana, soft clove and a subtle citrus character is supported by a playful white head and hazy sunshine colour. Cloves, zesty citrus and light wheat notes follow in the taste, with a light dry refreshing finish.

We love witbiers and cannot wait to get stuck into this one. They delivered it complete with habeneros, coriander, a lemon, tacos and a cerviche recipe. Seems like a pretty perfect pairing we might have to try out. We’ll be sure to report back and we hope to hear your thoughts on this beer in the mean time.

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