Friday Beer – Shackleton Brewing Co Kolsch

Shoh, we have lost count of the number of times we have had discussions with Brewer and Owner Stephen Peel to feature his beer. We suspect he is terribly ADD and simply gets sidetracked by the slightest whiff of fresh hops. No matter, we found out that his beers were being canned at the Drifter Brewing Co so we skipped Steve and went straight to the source. And now, we’re very happy to present the Shackleton Brewing Co Kolsch.

Shackleton Brewing Co Kolsch

We did our usual trick and asked the brewer for some of the details on the brewery and the beer. This was what Steve had to say.

How did you come up with the name “Shackleton”? During my trip to Antarctica doing Oceanographic research, I swiftly became absorbed by the story of the Great Sir Ernest Shackleton. He was a science focused Antarctic explorer who overcame incredible odds and survived through leadership, innovation and an implacable drive for success. These were the qualities I found important when starting my brewery and “Shackleton” was the obvious name.

What else are you brewing? We have a rotating schedule of limited release beers only available at the brewery. Currently our ‘core’ beers are limited to a Kolsch and a Pale Ale. Otherwise you can find a Red Ale, Ice-cream Stout and a Vodka Iced tea on Tap at the brewery. Going into winter we have a collab cocoa oatmeal stout. Summer we have some lighter session IPA’s planned and of course our Kolsch beer as the stand outs.

What makes your beers unique? We have been pioneering the cask movement in South Africa. Cask beer, different to draught beer, is an English style session beer. Low alcohol, fine carbonation and full flavour. The beer in cask also differs as it goes through a secondary ferment in the cask itself, adding complexity and ensuring a fresh product.

Where are they available? Mostly at our taproom. Other wise you can find our Kolsch at a selection of bars around the broader Cape Town city bowl.

On top of picking up a few of Steves beers we really encourage you to go and visit his new taproom in Woodstock. It’s been a labour of love for him and you can really see it. It’s a great spot and the beers always taste like two or three. Let us know what you think of the Shackleton Brewing Co Kolsch.

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