Friday Beer – Zwakala Brewery Moringa Africa Ale

We’re ashamed to say that this is the first solo appearance Zwakala Brewery has made on Barley&Hops. Based in Limpopo they have been operating since 2015 and have been creating some really good beers. We haven’t met the crew from Zwakala but given how highly the Drifter crowd speak of them we assume they’re equally deranged. And this is by no means a bad thing. So, please tuck into this weeks Friday Beer, the Zwakala Brewery Moringa Africa Ale.

Zwakala Brewery Moringa Africa Ale

Who brewers associate with is a pretty good reference point for us. And when Drifter Head Brewer Nick Bush spends as much time with Zwakala Head Brewer Luca Tooley we can be assured of three things.

  • Luca is a great brewer.
  • Luca is a great individual to spend some time around.
  • Luca is probably slightly mad. He would have to be.

Of course outside of the beer we are making educated guesses as to the other points. We’re willing to take that risk. Given their friendship however it does mean you can get the Zwakala Brewery Moringa Africa Ale from the Drifter Brewing Co. Something we strongly recommend if you’re in Cape Town. If you do find yourself in Limpopo where Luca and his brewery are based it would be silly to not pay them a visit. They look like they have fun.

We dropped Luca a few questions to find out a bit more about the brewery and the beer. Here’s what he came back with.

Tell us about Zwakala?

Zwakala is South Africa’s most Northern brewery. We started up in 2016 and have been brewing beer and loving life ever since. Zwakala means come closer – and thats what we are all about. We love to bring people together. We are based on a farm in a beautiful place called Magoebaskloof. We open the brewery over weekends to the public.

How many beers are you producing?

We have 4 permanent lines namely: Limpopo lager; The Naked Ale; Mountain weiss; and the Weekend special. We have a love for producing new beers using local ingredients – we were the first to make a baobab and ginger weiss beer (collab with Drifter Brewing co) in South africa. I think we are also the first to use moringa in a beer (possibly in the world). Our weekend special has 4kgs of fresh lemon grass so we try keep the ideas fresh.

Tell us about the Moringa Africa Ale?

This beer is one of my all time favorites – I feel it is one of the most balanced beers we have made. the moringa tree is called the miracle tree – it contains loads of vitamins and proteins which are super good for humans – it has about 16 different benefits including protecting the liver. The Moringa ale is maybe the healthiest beers we’ve made and so delicious more than one is always required.

Where is it available?

  • Green Craft BarLoco Liq Blairgowrie – JHB Central Off Con
  • Blue Bottle Craighall – JHB Central Off Con
  • Machics Ale House – PTA East On Con
  • Liquor City Groenkloof – PTA West Off Con
  • Craft Beer Library – JHB Central On Con
  • Dry Dock
  • Riverside Liquors
  • Tops Stop and Go
  • Joburg Tasting Stock
  • Tops Hillcrest 
  • Liquor City Claremont
  • Barkeeper
  • Roeland Liquors
  • Biggest Little Beer Shop
  • Shorties Noordhoek

At the time of writing we had already done somewhat extensive quality testing on the Zwakala Brewery Moringa Africa Ale. It goes down particularly well around a good South African braai. Give it a go this weekend and let us know your thoughts.

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