Friday Beer – Devil’s Peak Juicy Lucy NEIPA

Hello there beer fans, how do we find you this weekend? Thirsty for this weeks Friday Beer you say. We’re here to help and we’ve got an absolute cracker for you this weekend. In their third appearance on the Barley&Hops blog this year it is Devil’s Peak. And they are back hot on the heels of their last release with the Devil’s Peak Juicy Lucy NEIPA.

Devil's Peak Juicy Lucy NEIPA

Now, this may not technically be a new beer, it is a new beer. If we cast our mind back to 2017 Devil’s Peak released the first Juicy Lucy. And it was good, so good in fact it was on the shelves for all of a week before it was sold out. Now it’s back with some renewed ingredients (if we heard correctly) and a new look. None of this should however detract from the primary point we would like to make. It’s good.

And juicy, dear lord. It’s like biting into a fresh chunk of mango. Saying that we also need to emphasise how glad we are to see another NEIPA on the shelves. This is the third brew of this type we have featured here. One included the Devil’s Peak Mikkeller Capenhagen and the other from gypsy brewery Feral Brewery. Why do we like them? Well quite simply a NEIPA (New England IPA) is a very juicy and unfiltered (cloudy) IPA. We’re big fans.

We’ve got one last can chilling in the Barley&Hops HQ beer fridge and have strong suspicions it won’t make the end of the weekend. Unlikely to even make it through Friday night if we’re being completely honest. So, head out and pick up at least a 4-pack of the good stuff. You won’t regret it, we promise.

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