Friday Beer – Drifter Brewing Co Cuppa

In their third appearance on the Barley&Hops blog this year comes the Drifter Brewing Co. Their frequency really a tribute to their ongoing innovations in creating new and interesting beers. This year alone they have done the Anything Gose Oyster Beer and the THE HUNT IS ON. Both which were great beers. And so, it’s hardly surprising that this, the Drifter Brewing Co Cuppa.

Drifter Brewing Co Cuppa

In a collaboration with Origin Coffee Roasters it is a Golden Ale infused with Tanzanian Cold Brew Coffee. And in somewhat subtle print on the can it says “Collab No. 1”, a less that subtle clue that this is the start of a series of collaborations. We hope so as we thoroughly enjoy this beer. At 6% ABV it’s going to be more than a bit of caffeine giving it a kick.

The Drifter Brewing Co Cuppa is, like many collaborations, a small batch brew. This obviously means that it is a one off (for now), so if it’s off the shelves before you get to try it that’s it we’re afraid. And with just 5,000 cans spread across the country we do recommend acting fast. They will be having a launch tonight so try get to the brewery if you can.

Drifter Brewing Co Cuppa Launch

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