Friday Beer – RHBC That Girl Oatmeal Stout

Let us paint the scene for you. You’re somewhere up the West Coast, it’s seven o’clock in the evening, your southern regions are freezing, and you’re beginning to regret the two hours between you and the comfort of your own home. Suddenly the fireplace bursts into life. And suddenly everything is right with the world. You remember in that moment you have just the beer for the occasion. It’s the RHBC That Girl Oatmeal Stout, and it just so happens to be this weeks Friday Beer.

RHBC That Girl Oatmeal Stout

We’re pretty sure we’ve said it before but Richmond Hill brewer Niall Cook is one our favourite individuals in the world of South African beer. He’s just lekker. His beers, also lekker. To date we’ve featured four beers that he’d been involved in (check them out here). So when he messaged and said he had a new batch of RHBC That Girl Oatmeal Stout he wanted us to try who were we to stop him…

And it’s another good beer. If you like Castle Milk Stout you will enjoy this beer. It could do with a little more body giving it a thicker feel but flavour wise it’s good. And when you’re trying to re-toast your soft bits in front of the fire on a freezing Cape winter evening it’s a great beer to crack. We’re also very glad to report that unlike so many other beers that we feature here on Barley&Hops, this beer is part of their core range and is available all year round.

So, please head out this weekend and support Niall and the rest of the Richmond Hill Brewing Company. Pick up a few of the RHBC That Girl Oatmeal Stout and enjoy it while you defrost your southern regions.

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