Friday Beer – Devil’s Peak Blockhouse IPA

When we first started the Friday Beer series the vast majority of the beers were staples. Beers that were available year round and part of a core brewery offering. 81 Friday Beer posts later and we’re throwing it back to the core range. This Devil’s Peak Blockhouse IPA has been reinvigorated and given a new lease on life. And, given it was IPA day on Thursday it seemed like the perfect Friday Beer.

Devil's Peak Blockhouse IPA

The Devil’s Peak Blockhouse IPA was released in 2011 when craft beer was just starting. At the time beer drinkers in South Africa really only knew Lagers. So when this IPA hit the market it was a shock to the system. To understand the basic difference between these beers, Lagers are malt forward giving them a bready aroma and a crisp refreshing almost sweet flavour. IPA’s on the other hand are “hop forward” giving them a fruity aroma and a bitter sometimes fruity flavour. They’re very different.

We were sent the full story behind the beer and how Devil’s Peak has adapted it. For anyone from Devil’s Peak reading this, we really appreciated that, it’s a nice touch. This was what they decided to do.

We tweaked the recipe to a double dry hopped IPA with even more hop flavour and aroma. Mosaic, Cascade, Citra and Amarillo Cryo hops have been incorporated to the already very celebrated hop bill of Cascade, Citra, Amarillo and Columbus.

And we’re very glad they went about giving the IPA a new lease on life. It’s one that you frequently find in the Barley&Hops HQ fridge.

Be sure to visit their website where they have put some serious effort to paying tribute to this great beer – Return of the King. You will also be able to read all the details that they sent to us and appreciate just what this beers means not just to Devil’s Peak but to those beer drinkers back in 2011 who caught their first hit of hops.

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