Friday Beer – Feral Brew Dribble DIPA

This is the second time we’ve done this for the deranged gypsy brewery Feral. As we type away with our stumpy little paws having never tried this beer we do it knowing that Mike from Feral is more likely to pour an average beer down the drain than have people drink it. So, here we go, this weeks beer is the Feral Brew Dribble DIPA.

Feral Brew Dribble DIPA

The Dribble DIPA follows on from the My City IPA that featured back in June. Mike is creating a series of one off beers with South African artists and this is the second to come out of it. He worked with Port Elizabeth based artist Eyekoo to come up with what we think is a great looking can.

I have been following Eyekoo (Ryan Allan) for some time now and his work is epic. When I first saw this robot I knew it had to feature on our Double IPA. The name Dribble came from a hashtag Ryan had used in the original post, as the Robot was Dribbling the basket ball. Dribble DIPA had a certain ring to it and the idea stuck.

Mike generally creates brews out of a frustration of lack of availability. This brew is absolutely no different. The Feral Brew Dribble DIPA is a modern Hazy (unfiltered) Double India Pale Ale, double dry hopped. Not a beer you will find with any ease in South Africa. But hell, it sounds delicious and it is. Fair warning however, it doesn’t drink like an 8% beer.

The launch took place on Thursday evening at Shackleton and whatever beer is left will be sold from Biggest Little Beer Shop on Saturday. And that will be it. If you can’t make it to Biggest Little Beer Shop there are a few available for order through the Feral website. Mike brews very limited quantities – feeds into his quality over quantity preferences around beer. And it works for him, none of the beers Mike has been involved in have been around for very long.

So, we hope you manage to get your hands on at least a can of this over the weekend. Our only other advice, drink it fresh. Let us know your thoughts.

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