Friday Beer – Kennel Brewery Co Alesatian IPA

We have been heckling this particular brewer for the better part of a year to feature his beer. We first met him just before the Fools&Fans Beer Festival in 2018, we think somewhere in the region of Afro Carribean – it’s a pretty good haunt for meeting interesting beer people. His name, Paul Freyson, and he’s a bloody good chap brewing some great beer. This week we feature his Kennel Brewery Alesatian IPA.

Kennel Brewery Co Alesatian IPA

Based out in Durbanville Paul works tirelessly creating his core range of five brews. On top of this he is frequently found doing all matter of interesting collaborations with other breweries around the Cape. He’s an impeccably social individual so he’s well suited to the collaboration that goes on, and we hope he keeps doing it.

Being somewhat of a creative chap he’s also pretty quick to jump on an opportunity if he sees it. Game of Thrones, yes, even on Barley&Hops we can’t escape it. Paul brewed the “White Walker” White IPA which was sold out before we had a chance to blink. We completely missed the boat but we have no doubt it was another great beer.

We’re very glad we finally have Paul and the Kennel Brewery up on Barley&Hops. Good guy, great beer and if you find yourself out in his direction we strongly suggest paying him a visit. We know we’re definitely due a visit (sorry Paul). In the mean time please head to your chosen liquor store and pick up a few cans of the Kennel Brewery Co Alesatian IPA.

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