Friday Beer – Cape Brewing Co Lite Lager

Here we go, the third featured Lite Lager on Barley&Hops. It’s apparently only officially launching in October but we happened across it and thought we may as well get ahead. It’s the Cape Brewing Co Lite Lager and it’s another welcome addition to the category.

Cape Brewing Co Lite Lager

Unlike the Devil’s Peak Lite this is light both in alcohol and in calories. We’ve been given no specifics on exactly how light in calories but it has an alcohol content of just 3.5% (Devil’s Peak is 4%). We mentioned it last week but the breweries have obviously done their research and see this as a massive gap in the market for them to play in.

The pricing. Well that was the first thing that caught our attention. A 4-pack of Cape Brewing Co Amber Weiss, R119.99. A 6-pack of Cape Brewing Co Lite Lager, just R69.99. Which, and we should know better, is about the same price as Castle Lite. And it’s worth repeating that Castle Lite is one of the biggest selling beers in South Africa.

For the Cape Brewing Co faithful, of which there are many, we think this is going to be very well received. It’s not a bad beer (it’s brewed by Wolfgang Koedel after all), it’s got all the benefits of a Castle Lite (albeit with a lower ABV), and they will still be supporting a brewery they love. For everyone else, well, it’s really just nice to have options outside of Castle Lite. And, at just R69.99 why not?

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