Friday Beer – Devil’s Peak Lite Lager

With Castle Lite being one of the best selling beers in the country (about 281 million litres in 2018), there is obviously something to it. Personally, it’s never been the first thing we go for but that’s just us. For a huge amount of the South African population it’s their go to beer. Well, a couple of breweries are looking to change that. After all a bit of variety never hurt. We featured one of them not long ago but the second has arrived. It’s the Devil’s Peak Lite Lager.

Devil's Peak Lite Lager

In a message from Devil’s Peak:

It’s a move further into the premium beer segment for us. Meeting the needs of the beer consumer who wants an all-malt moderate ABV beer at the lowest calories that can still deliver on taste – bottles and tap.

At 4% it’s still a beer (none of this 0.001% nonsense), and we’ve been told it will be only R10 more per 6-pack than Castle Lite. That makes it a very appealing offer. We know a number of very prolific brewers who drink a lot of Castle Lite, this may be just what skews them towards Devil’s Peak. And we hope it does that for the general public too.

They reckon in that in terms of calories that you can have 3 of these and it would equate just 2 Heineken. Calorie count per beer in fact that tests showed it had less than 10 that of Castle Lite. May not sound like much but those calories can rack up over an afternoon enjoying braai, rugby and beer. If your waistline is what you’re worried about then this is going to be the beer for you.

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P.S. Keep your eyes peeled as there is yet another Lite Lager on its way to the market. We will have details once we have them.

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