Friday Beer – Mad Giant x Jack Black’s Pale Ale

Thursday evening, 20h01, we’ve left the Friday Beer to the last minute. We’re sweating something unhealthy in the hopes that what we picked up might pass the test. It’s been chilling in a friends fridge after being forgotten there on Heritage Day. Today though, at 20h03 all is well because this beer that we had not yet tried, is good. And, when we say good, we mean Barley&Hops Christmas 6-Pack good. It’s the Mad Giant x Jack Black’s Pale Ale.

Mad Giant x Jack Black's Pale Ale

Around this time of the year the breweries start to get quiet. We don’t see as many new beers, collaborations or one offs. It means we’re left scouring the social feeds, heckling those in the know and irritating the brewers themselves to find out what we think beer peeps should be trying. When we find ourselves in these phases, it is stressful. Beer does help but getting to Thursday and being unsure what we can put out on a Friday is worrying.

We’ll be honest, the marketing around this beer was disappointing. Beyond “we did a beer with a brewery” there was very little we saw. And it was/is a real pity, because as we sit here at 20h09, $%^& it’s a good beer. We’ve got a strong sway to IPA’s – juicy, fruity and you can enjoy a whole lot of it. This “Pale Ale” is not that far off. It is delicious. Delicious like cracking another at 20h10.

And quite frankly, with it being Thursday evening, and having a fresh Mad Giant x Jack Black’s Pale Ale ready to go we’re going to end it there. This is a great beer collaboration and we will absolutely be enjoying a few more. We can’t guarantee it will be around when the Barley&Hops Christmas 6-pack comes out so suggest you get into it now.

Jack Black’s Social: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Mad Giant Social: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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