Friday Beer – Jack Black’s Wolves of Winter Oatmeal Stout

We’re very late off the mark on this one. And it very nearly didn’t feature at all. We were concerned it may not even still be available. However we spotted it in the bottle-store and thought that given the changing seasons this might be the last chance we get to put it out there. So, here you have it, the Jack Black’s Wolves of Winter Oatmeal Stout. 

Jack Black’s Wolves of Winter Oatmeal Stout

The beer came out mid-August so we are very sorry for not getting it out sooner. A lot of the time we can only be as good as the details we get from the breweries. But it’s really no excuse. We’re glad we have managed to catch it out in the wild. We were concerned that with it being a limited seasonal release it wouldn’t be around for very long. In truth Jack Black does have capacity to brew pretty big batches so it should be available for a little while still. 

“Winter is a beast. It calls for a beast of a beer”

At 5.5% it’s a very pleasant beer and with all other deep and dark beers they are best enjoyed on cold evenings. And with the weather currently changing we do still have a couple of chilly evenings left to sink into this. It’s no surprise we’re a fan of good packaging and we may just crack ours and sit back to appreciate the label. Looks great.

Full details of the beer and stockists here.

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