Friday Beer: Devil’s Peak x Jason Bakery Imperial Pastry Stout

From time-to-time we get a bit of flack for the number of times Devil’s Peak features here. The reality however is that they put out a lot of innovative, new and interesting beers. This is their second time dabbling with a bakery, albeit the first was somewhat indirect with the Toast Pale Ale. It the’s Devil’s Peak x Jason Bakery Imperial Pastry Stout, also know as the Peanut Butter Choc-Chip Marshmallow Doughssant. Crikey, and if that doesn’t get the saliva glands going there is something very wrong with you.

Devil's Peak x Jason Bakery Imperial Pastry Stout

The brew is created and inspired by the Jason Bakery Doughssant – a doughnut croissant hybrid. Something we’ve never tried but heard many rave about. So much so that they sell out within minutes every Saturday morning. No doubt how brewer JC Steyn discovered them. He’s known to take a peddle up to the Blockhouse every so often. Stopping at Jason’s Bakery would be a relatively standard way to end that.

We don’t tend to get into how beers were made but it hurt our salivary glands too much not to this time – To make this beer, we’ve taken homemade marshmallows, supplied by Jason Bakery, added them into the boil, along with cocoa, chocolate malt and biscuit malt to give you those choc-chip cookie flavours, as well as the doughnut, croissant characteristics.  The addition peanut butter flavourant to the beer, although subtle in the finished product, it certainly compliments the peanut butter crème pat flavours of the doughssant. Overall giving you the full experience of the doughssant in the beer.

This could almost be confused for a “breakfast beer” but at 11.5% you would be braver than us to mix one in with your Rice Crispies. However it would be a tremendous post-dinner beer so we suggest picking a few up this weekend. Let us know what you think of the Devil’s Peak x Jason Bakery Imperial Pastry Stout. Now wipe the saliva off your screen and try it.

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