Friday Beer – Hey Joe Brewing Co Lavender Honey Saison

This brewery has been making waves since they opened. This may have had something to do with the fact that it took them so long to open. But since they have they’ve been making waves. For anyone that now visits Franschhoek they are a staple and obligatory stop. We’ve only made it there once but we will definitely be making multiple visits in the future. For now though, enough about the brewery, let’s get into the beer. This week we have Hey Joe Brewing Co Lavender Honey Saison and it’s unsurprisingly good.

Hey Joe Brewing Co Lavender Honey Saison

This is the first of their “Into the Wild” series and is a Lavender Honey Saison. And the name itself is as soothing as the beer is smooth. Saisons tend to be almost spicy but this one is definitely on the sweeter side as a result of that honey. Something we think will make it very popular even amongst those who may not normally be interested in a saison style beer. Within the minute of this particular can be opened the first comment came in “mmmmm, this is DELICIOUS!… we need more”.

When breweries produce a “series” it generally means those beers are one offs. And so the Hey Joe Brewing Co Lavender Honey Saison may very well be a single batch, get it while you can kind of brew. The particular store we visited had, at the time, a fair stash but we can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that it probably won’t be that way for long. If you really want to treat yourself we can imagine a pint direct from the brewery being world class. Side note, we really hope we manage to get out there for one before the keg runs dry.

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