Friday Beer – Stellenbosch Brewing Co. Pangolin Wit

We are big fans of breweries who try to do their bit to give back in some way. On the conservation front Devil’s Peak started producing the Conservation Lager a while ago (read about that here), and as far as we know it has done tremendously well. With this weeks Friday Beer we felt bad we couldn’t make the launch event but we hope that getting it up here will help just that little bit more. It is the Stellenbosch Brewing Co. Pangolin Wit.

Stellenbosch Brewing Co. Pangolin Wit

As humans we’re pretty kak. And that’s not an unfair statement. The one thing we seem to excel at is trashing the planet in one way or another. It is terrible, so when you do find some form of conservation effort going on it’s really worth paying attention – if for no other reason to offset some other kak humans negative contribution in some way. Stellies has a soft spot for the humble pangolin which happens to be the most trafficked animal on the planet (good job kak humans). This is their attempt at trying to help a bit.

The beer is a collaboration between Pangolin.Africa, Pip, The Stellenbosch Brewing Company and HANGAR49. From the release we were sent – The collaboration was initiated by Janine Greyling, who founded the community initiative Pip in 2015 to create opportunities for the elderly to use their skills to produce hand-crafted accessories which are sold to supplement their social grant income. The project expanded to include a range of crocheted endangered species soft toys, and Janine expanded the beneficiaries of the project by donating a portion of sales from crocheted pangolin toys to Pangolin.Africa, a non-profit working to ensure the survival of the species.

The crux, don’t be a kak human and go buy this beer. They are aiming to contribute R5 from each beer sold to Pangolin.Africa. Gives a great excuse to buy more than one or two knowing that you have done a tiny little bit to help conservation efforts. And it’s worth repeating, don’t be a kak human, go buy the Stellenbosch Brewing Co. Pangolin Wit.


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