Friday Beer – Darling Brew Cherry Bone Crusher

We’re afraid to say that this weeks Friday Beer is a beer we really hoped we would never write about. We’re going to be frank and not beat around the bush. It’s not great. We were not going to write about it at all but we thought that it was actually important to do so. For anyone that reads the Friday Beer series we really hope it shows that we don’t just say nice things about $%^& beer. This week we have to have a couple of words about the Darling Brew Cherry Bone Crusher.

Darling Brew Cherry Bone Crusher

It’s really disappointing actually because every other beer in this series we have really enjoyed. They may not have been for everyone but the Hoppy Wit and Marula Wit that we wrote about a while ago here were really good. We’ve made multiple purchases of them even after Darling were kind enough to send a few our way (thanks!). They had substance and really carried through some the elements of the base Bone Crusher Wit nicely.

This beer, we’re afraid, does not. It’s lacking in substance, and the flavour profile is very weak. We’re sorry, we don’t want this to be at all perceived on an attack on Darling. We’ve been a big fan of theirs for years and this beer won’t change that at all. What we thought that this post could instead demonstrate is the importance of telling breweries directly about issues with their beers. We know someone at Darling will read this and take the feedback to the people that can make the changes. The brewers.

For a big brewery like Darling it’s not the end of the world if a beer doesn’t come out quite right. The cost sucks but they manage. For the smaller breweries it’s really a big problem so if you do find an issue with a beer, any beer, get hold of the brewery and let them know. So, this week, maybe skip the Darling Brew Cherry Bone Crusher. But, if you haven’t already, you better try the Marula Wit and the Hoppy Wit. They were both great. And when the next batch of the Cherry Wit comes out, we’re pretty sure it will be too.

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