Friday Beer – Hey Joe Brewing Co Belgian Cherry

After a recent Friday Beer feature Evan Hamlyn, Brand Manager at Hey Joe Brewing, reached out. He said they had a new cherry brew and wanted to get it to us. It’s two of our favourite things; breweries keeping up-to-date with the Friday Beer, and reaching out with new beers that they feel more people should know about. And hell, they nailed it with this Hey Joe Brewing Co Belgian Cherry.

Hey Joe Brewing Co Belgian Cherry

Evan said we should give it a crack first and then try with ice. We thought this was just madness. Beer. Ice… Get out. But no. Simply chilled this brew has a great tartness to it. Almost puckeringly sour. Add a couple of ice cubes and they cut through the sour and bring out a sweetness that is very difficult to not appreciate. Shared around a Saturday afternoon braai the general consensus was “I could enjoy this all afternoon”.

You can expect a fine balance between tartness and sweetness. A well rounded body to support the tartness. You will know that you are drinking a beer and certainly not a cider or flavoured beer. Our Cherry beer was matured for 3 months on sour cherries to let them shine in this Wit beer base.

Anja van Zyl – Hey Joe Brewing Co Head Brewer

With the increasing temperatures and the holidays fast approaching this is going to be a beer consumed on mass. Depending on your preference you could be enjoying this refreshingly good beer either sweet or sour. Now add a pool, the braai and long lazy afternoons. Stick a fork in us, we’re done. That’s about as perfect an afternoon as you could ask for.

We could go on, and we would, but we think the point has been conveyed. The Hey Joe Brewing Co Belgian Cherry is fantastic beer and we can’t wait for those afternoons to kick in. Hey Joe has some great distribution but, and we’ve said this before, if you can get out to the brewery in Franschooek you really should. You could also order it online but where’s the fun in that?

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  1. Hey Joe
    Hope you are well.
    Where can we find the expired date on your HEY JOE CHERRY bottle.
    Thank you

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