Friday Beer – Jack Black’s Mega Ale

We wrote a couple of weeks ago how the breweries had all been very quiet. Our suspicion was that the brewers had been locked up to do what they do best. Coming up for air, water, nutrition and to see their families were all luxuries they simply couldn’t afford. Our suspicion proved mostly true – some brewers were allowed to see one family member every other weekend. The results however are starting to speak for themselves. Enter Jack Black’s Mega Ale.

Jack Black's Mega Ale

This is our no holds barred, “throw everything at it” kinda beer, with a big grain bill and an explosion of hops. It’s got attitude.

Jack Black’s Blog

This is not the first time this beer has made an appearance. It first cropped up at the Cape Town Festival of Beer in 2018. In fact it didn’t just crop up, it went on to win both ‘Best Hoppy’ and ‘Best on Show’. And it didn’t do that being average. It’s a great beer and one we are tremendously stoked to have back in time for December. Saying that, it would be a really good idea to stock up sooner rather than later. It wasn’t around for very long last year and we imagine it will be much of the same this year.

Our suggestion. Make sure you get to the Cape Town Festival of Beer this weekend to get it straight from the brewery. They will be there for all three days of the Festival but we can’t guarantee the beer will last that long. We’re hoping to be there when the gates open on Friday.

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