Friday Beer – RHBC x Afro Caribbean DDH Westcoast IPA

We’ve typed out this first sentence several times to try and adequately express how we feel about the beer industry at the moment. A couple of months ago we were inundated with multiple new and interesting beers. So much so that we had a back log of Friday Beers to get through. At the moment however things are pretty quiet. We suspect the brewers have all been locked in their breweries slogging away for December (fingers crossed). This week we did find the RHBC x Afro Caribbean DDH Westcoast IPA.

RHBC x Afro Caribbean DDH Westcoast IPA

Dubbed Bring it Back it’s a beer we were glad to find. It’s a Double Dry Hopped (DDH) West Coast IPA and it’s a good beer. Outside of the usual characters there are very few new IPA’s in the fridges. We wept sobbed when the Devil’s Peak Juicy Lucy NEIPA ran dry (To anyone from Devil’s Peak reading this, PLEASE BREW MORE!). Until December kicks off the pickings will remain pretty thin.

For now theres absolutely no harm in picking up a couple of cans of the RHBC x Afro Caribbean DDH Westcoast IPA. It comes from a couple of our favourite brewers – Niall Cook and Rochelle Dunlop. They are almost R50 per 475ml can but we think you will agree that it is money well spent. And, we hope after last week that you can trust us when we say that.

Before we close, anyone from the breweries, please reach out. Let us know what is planned for December. We’re looking forward to it.


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