Friday Beer – Franschhoek Beer Co. Lager

We mentioned last month that this brewery would be making a few appearances. And here it is, back again with the Franschhoek Beer Co. Lager. January is obviously here and you’re going to need a few good lagers to get you through these hot summer days. We’ve feature a fair few Lagers since the inception of the Friday Beer series (13 to be exact), but there really is a time of year for them. We think this is it.

Franschhoek Beer Co. Lager
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Certainly not a new brew, the “Three Oaks” craft lager was part of the staple line up when the Franschhoek Beer Co. opened, but it has received some new packaging. Much like a lot of other breweries over the past year they have been trying out canning. Why? Because cans are great. And when it is January and you want to be out on the mountain, the beach, the braai, etc they are perfect. They will look after your beer while also being super durable.

Head Brewer Olaf Morgenroth sent us a 6-pack in December to try. Didn’t last more than an afternoon. It’s a fantastic lager for hot afternoons around the braai and the pool. At 5% it’s not a Lite Lager but certainly an easy drinking one. Our recommendation, pick up a 6-pack and navigate towards your closest braai or perhaps closest screen with the cricket on and sink in to a few of them over the course of an afternoon.

Sounds so good in fact we may do it ourselves. The bottle stores should have recovered from the December rush and this beer shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Let us know your thoughts in the comments or let the brewery and Olaf know what you think.

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