Friday Beer – Kennel Brewery Adopt a Dog Blonde Ale

We’ve got a whole lot of Lagers and Pilsners coming up over the next few weeks but we wanted to squeeze this one through. It’s a new year and for a lot of people that comes with new goals. One of those, and we’ve seen it first hand, is to get a dog. We’re not known for putting out stats, nothing vaguely accurate at least but we thought this was cool. It’s the Kennel Brewery Adopt a Dog Blonde Ale.

Kennel Brewery Adopt a Dog Blonde Ale

Paul from Kennel has a fondness for our canine friends. The clue was possibly in the brewery name? We featured one his beers a while ago and it’s a good example of how he carries his branding through in the beers he does (find that beer here). This time round he’s come up with something new, and it’s an authentic effort at getting rescue dogs adopted. It’s not just a marketing spiel.

As far as we can tell there are five dogs up for adoption. Each one has been given it’s own label and, we think, a nice touch having the dogs names attached. The brew is the same so regardless of the dog you will still be in for a Blonde Ale. Dogs up for adoption:

  • Nina
  • Ruddy
  • Riplee (we think)
  • Vava (we think… our photo wasn’t great)
  • Ghia

The beers are done in collaboration with Pit Pals and Paul has a whole BackaBuddy Campaign running. As far as initiatives go we really like this one. So if you have any friends or family you know are on the hunt for a dog maybe casually drop a couple of cans of Kennel Brewery Adopt a Dog Blonde Ale off with them. They may just end up with a new canine pal.

If you would otherwise like to donate or help in any way head over to Paul’s BackaBuddy Page.

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