Friday Beer – Leffe Belgium Blonde

South Africans like their beer. There’s really no groundbreaking epiphanies taking place there. The smart people who sell beer know this and are always looking at new opportunities to sell beer to them. We’re at a point now that we really are spoilt for choice. And it’s not just beer, it’s really good beer. Amongst these choices is the Leffe Belgium Blonde.

Leffe Belgium Blonde

Owned by the worlds largest brewing company, AB InBev introduced the Leffe Blonde to South Africa little over a year ago. This, the Leffe Belgium Blonde is the most popular of the Leffe range of award winning beers. And you can see, or at the very least taste, why. And that is part of the reason why we like to speak about these beers on the Barley&Hops blog.

Beers produced by smaller breweries in South Africa have come leaps and bounds over the last few years. But a problem that continues to happen is that people are scared of new things, or more specifically different brews. Particularly if said new brew costs close to R40 retail and they’ve been forced to pour at least one down the drain. Good bye R40. We’ve been there, it’s not great. Fortunately it doesn’t happen very much anymore as a result of that increased quality we talked about.

What beers like this do however is they can coerce an otherwise disinterested Blonde drinker into actually trying one. Why? Because it’s exotic, comes from somewhere interesting and it’s being imported by the biggest brewer in the world – AB InBev. That ladders up to trust and intrigue. It’s a bit like when Burger King or Zara first opened in South Africa. Although we haven’t seen the queues for this beer yet.

So, we’re not going to tell you to shy away from this beer because its from AB InBev. We’re about beer here and this is another good one. And it helps to expand on a category of beer that probably needs some growth. So, pick up a 4-pack of the Leffe Blond and let us know your thoughts.

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  1. Hi there
    Is Leffe Blonde still available in South Africa as I’m struggling to find it at any of the big liquor outlets?

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