Friday Beer – Woodstock Brewery Happy Pills

With temperatures starting to hit the low 30’s in Cape Town it is time to break out the Lagers. Lagers are the thirst quenchers on those hot days. Its for this very reason that the balmy army got through so much of the stuff during the cricket earlier in the month. Depending on how long you’ve been reading this blog you may or may not know that Pilsners are in fact a style of Lager. So this week we’ve got the Woodstock Brewery Happy Pills.

Woodstock Brewery Happy Pills

As we’ve mentioned at least half a dozen times over the past few months. canning is all the rage at the moment. We hope it won’t be short lived, cans are great. They have many benefits but ultimately what’s important is that they look after beer better than bottles. Picking up the Woodstock Brewery Happy Pills in a can got us hot in all the right places. And, with their new design we think it looks all kinds of fine in a can.

The Woodstock Brewing Co has featured a few times on the blog in the past, and we’re glad to have them back. Made us think that we haven’t featured enough of the staple beers that breweries put out. Beers that are being produced at quantities that make them available year around. This is important as we do get flack occasionally for putting out limited release beers that beer folk then can’t seem to find. Sorry. The Woodstock Brewery Happy Pills is not one of those.

Our advice this weekend. Invite your mates around, light the braai and settle in for an afternoon of banter and braai. Importantly, don’t forget to pick up a 6-pack of Woodstock Brewery Happy Pills. Ours is currently chilling in Barley&Hops HQ fridge.

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