Friday Beer – Devil's Peak Afro Funk Barrel-Aged Sour Vol. 3

We’ll start of by saying these beers are not for everyone. And we’re okay in saying that because for the last two years we’ve put out beers that we think are for everyone. Everyone who enjoys beer anyway. This beer, and the rest of the Afro Funk series may not be. Not right now anyway, but let us explain. This week we’re all about the Devil’s Peak Afro Funk Barrel-Aged Sour Vol. 3.

Devil's Peak Afro Funk Barrel-Aged Sour Vol. 3

Let us explain. Over time our palettes change. They get used to familiar tastes, adapt and then are capable of accepting new and interesting flavours. At least that’s how we like to think about it. Great examples in South Africa are how IPA’s have slowly started creeping into the hearts of locals. This was a style of beer that was just too far departed from traditional Lagers for the average South African beer drinker to appreciate five or six years ago.

Queue the Afro Funk mad house at Devil’s Peak. In this double doored room (true story) is all matter of madness brewing. It’s a lab of experimentation, full of trial and error, throwing out beers that only the bravest may venture for. So much so in fact that the first one we tried in April 2019 left us messaging brewer JC Steyn – “Yo! Should this be flat?” to which he replied “Yes, that’s what still means”. First we had heard of “still” beer but still felt pretty daft for asking. Now we know.

One year later and the brewery dropped off a goodie bag with a Devil’s Peak Afro Funk Barrel-Aged Sour Vol. 3. And we were put to task once again.

A blend of syrah grapes, black currents & cherries.

We opened it with a very strong Lager drinker in the room. Asking them to try it, but not think of it as “beer” their response was very positive. Somewhat worryingly so when they started clubbing the entire glass we had poured. So, the lesson here is, thank god for the madness of the Devil’s Peak Afro Funk Series. Without them we wouldn’t have a lot of this madness in the SA. Some of it may be ahead of its time but we’ll get there.

So, be brave. Try something that may just be a couple of years ahead of its time. You might just like it. You might not. But that’s okay, you gave the Devil’s Peak Afro Funk Barrel-Aged Sour a try.

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