Friday Beer – Devil's Peak Grapefruit IPA

February has started with a bang. A big old grapefruit infused bang. The sort of bang that smokes you in the face and leaves you wanting more. It’s not the first time this beer has appeared from this brewery, but it does appear to be making a more permanent reappearance. At least we really hope so. It is the Devil’s Peak Grapefruit IPA.

Devil's Peak Grapefruit IPA

This brew comes hot on the heels of the reinvigorated Devil’s Peak King’s Blockhouse IPA that came out at the end of last year. Let’s not pretend that there are an insignificant number of fans of that brew. Devil’s Peak then took that beer and locked JC Steyn in his brewing dungeon with a whole lot of grapefuit. You did good JC. You did good. We hope they that let you out soon.

At a braai recently a friend was given one. His response “yeah, that’s nice. Not sure I could have more than one.” Three later and his tune had changed to “what sort of idiot only buys six?!” And, if it were not already abundantly clear, we couldn’t agree more. If you’re buying for yourself at home a six-pack is good but don’t make the mistake of arriving at a braai with only six. And if you do, don’t offer your beers. We wouldn’t.

Final words. Two parts. The first, buy a 6-pack of Devil’s Peak Grapefruit IPA, it is tremendous and you will be back for a second purchase pretty promptly. Secondly, to Devil’s Peak, please make this a staple. If it means keeping JC locked up in his brewing dungeon we think that is a very small price to pay to keep this great liquid flowing. Sorry JC.

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