Friday Beer – Devil's Peak Brewing Co Non-Alcoholic Hero

So well, s&^t, here we are. This was never a position we thought we would find ourselves in. In the two (three) years that we have been working on Barley&Hops we’ve learnt a lot. Not always positive but we’ve learnt things all the same. This one we’re pegging up to a learning, and little bit of coming back to what we initially set out to do. To do our little bit to talk about reliable, good beer. So we’re really pushing the boat out this week with the Devil’s Peak Brewing Co Non-Alcoholic Hero.

Devil's Peak Brewing Co Non-Alcoholic Hero

If you’re a reader trying to understand why this is such a stand out from anything we’ve done before, it’s really quite simple. This Devil’s Peak Brewing Co Hero is, well, quite obviously non-alcoholic… don’t stop reading just yet. Give it a chance because it is still a beer. Ingredients read:

Water, Lactose, Barley and Wheat Malt (Gluten), Hops, Grapefruit, Yeast.

Sounds a lot like what goes into what we’ve worked really hard to promote over the last two (three) years. Beer. But before we go on, another disclaimer, and a pretty big one. We haven’t actually tried either of these beers yet. At the time of writing (late Thursday evening) we had already had a couple of beers and if you’ve ever done an official beer tasting it’s very hard to go “backwards” to give it your full attention.

We’re not all that concerned. We’ve heard these beers sell like hot cakes. It’s bizarre, we know, but with factors like zero tolerance for drink driving coming it’s hardly surprising. Multiple reports have come to us that, unlike a lot of other non-alcoholic beers that really don’t taste like beer at all, these do, or so we’ve been told. So give them a crack. And let us know your thoughts.

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  1. This beer is awful. Try Wastheimer from Germany and you will be amazed at how good a non alcoholic beer can taste

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