Friday Beer – Afro Caribbean Agent Hillary Rye IPA

Unlike so many of the beers from this particular brewery that we have featured, there is a not insignificant quantity of this beer still available. Afro Caribbean Agent Hillary Rye IPA is a fantastic beer and we’re glad that we not only get to feature it this week but that you can order the beer direct from the brewery here. And, given how quickly the beers move we suggest you get an order in before reading on.

Afro Caribbean Agent Hillary Rye IPA

We messaged owner and part time brewer Greg Casey for some details on the beer. His response – “So Agent Hillary is a 7.4% Rye IPA collaboration with Spike from Terrapin Brewing in Athens USA using a 10% malted Rye with a bold hop aroma – colombia, simcoe and chinook.” He went on to say a few others things but we suspect he’d enjoyed several of his finest and was somewhat incomprehensible. You’ve got to back a man who backs his own product.

Greg has all other beers currently available on the web-store so if you’re new to the brewery try a few of the others. You can’t put an order in without ordering the Afro Caribbean Brewing Company Hop Session Pale Ale. It’s been one of our favourite beers since we featured it in May 2018. Highly recommended. But they have others, so get involved. Order beer, support a brewery, enjoy good beer, win.

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