Friday Beer – Jack Black’s Cape Pale Ale

Welcome back to the Friday Beer. Over time we have tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to improve various aspects of Barley&Hops. You only learn by doing and it’s totally okay to fail from time-to-time. This weeks brewery has made a change that we’re pretty sure will stand the test of time. It’s Jack Black’s Cape Pale Ale and they have absolutely improved it. How? Simple, they’re doing 440ml cans. And if we need to spell it out, more beer is always better.

Jack Black's Cape Pale Ale

We know that frequently many of you will not read past the second paragraph so we need to address something straight away. You can buy Jack Black’s beer via their website for both delivery and pick up. Put in an order, have it delivered and get 10% off your next order. It’s a good deal. Head over here to get your orders in. This is obviously a great time to do it as, well, we can’t buy beer on Fridays. Order now and enjoy it next week.

A hoppy cult classic and outright thirst quencher, our dry-hopped CPA’s got loads of citrus, pine and tropical aromas. Smash it, it ain’t getting any colder.

There will be a bit more of Jack Black’s Brewery featured in the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled. In the mean time, get your Jack Black’s Cape Pale Ale orders in, drink beer, support an industry, win.

Jack Black’s Social: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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