Friday Beer – Saggy Stone Brut IPA Sabro

We can’t be the only ones who spent the weekend ahead of Level 3 perusing the various breweries online. We’ve also been feeling the pressure to reinvigorate the Friday Beer series after having gone into hibernation for the last couple of months. We’re really sorry about that by the way. But we’re back and on our perusals we came across this, the Saggy Stone Brut IPA Sabro.

Saggy Stone Brut IPA Sabro

We have written about both previous versions of the Saggy Stone Brut IPA. First was the Champagne Citra Nova done with Metal Lane (unfortunately no longer operating), and then the very welcome news in January that the Citra Nova would be reincarnated as the Saggy Stone Brut IPA Citra. This was tremendous as that beer has been a favourite of ours and it was now becoming part of the Saggy Stone staple line up. If you haven’t tried it best make sure you add that to next weeks order.

We asked Liam Mc Elhinney for some of the lesser known details and this is what he came back with:

So Sabro is the next beer in our Brut IPA range, Citra Nova being the flagship and brewed all year round. The idea is to showcase unique or rare hop varieties to people to showcase the true potential of hops.

The recipe for Sabro is similar to Citra nova, but we mix the base malts up for different characteristics. And the real hero here is Sabro, a monster of a hop, coming in at 17% Alpha Acids. To make sure we don’t end up with bitter mess, all hops are added during whirlpool. Aromas of tropical, lime, Pina colada milkshake fill the brewery, it’s awesome!

Sabro has a little more malt flavor than Citra nova, but the same dry, sparkling finish of a Brut IPA. It was hard initially to describe the hop aroma of the beer as it’s such a unique hop.
At first you get this tropical lime and passion fruit aroma and then the flavor has more of a coconut Pina colada taste, some of us even got kiwis and mint!

And great news, you can purchase directly through Saggy Stones website here. We’re obviously encouraging you to do so, not just because you will be supporting a good brewery but you will also be able to avoid the bottle-stores. No one should have to queue for beers at the end of the day (on saying that, a huge round of applause for bottle-stores who have made a plan for their customers 👏).

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