Friday Beer – Afro Caribbean Lagerfarian

Here’s something we never thought we would be doing in the middle of winter. While the rain comes down and the temperature has plummeted in Cape Town we find ourselves sitting here pondering what we are doing. We’re used to putting out dark and heavy beers in winter. The porters, the stouts and all the just straight up crazy winter brews. But no, here we are, with a lager. Specifically, the Afro Caribbean Lagerfarian, and we’re not even ashamed.

Afro Caribbean Lagerfarian

We’ve had a few of these over the past week and they are a really good, and even interesting, lager. Make no mistake, we can’t say a negative thing about this beer, it’s good! It’s madness, brewed in the middle of winter, so we went to the source of the madness for some clarity. Greg Casey, owner and very part time brewer at Afro Caribbean had this to say.

Good Lager, great name. Where did it come from? So it’s a play on lagers are boring but never judge a book, or something, or someone, by its or their appearance.

We’re in the middle of winter, we’re used to seeing darker brews (stouts, porters), how did you decide to do a Lager? TJ, our assistant brewer, brewed the lager. I told him lagers are hard to do well. He asked if he could do a lager. I said yes.

The label? What is it? Just a shape. It’s all about not judging a book by it’s cover.

How much does it cost and where is it available? R149 for a 6-pack and it’s available from Banana Jam and the Afro Caribbean online store.

Well, you know what to do. Hit the button below to get your Afro Caribbean Lagerfarian order in.


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