Friday Beer – Jack Black’s Session Fresh Hop IPA

The world is a pretty weird place. Someone asked the other day if we were working from home or living at work? With the inability to go down to the local for a couple of beers with colleagues after work this means the pub is now also at home. Dial into the Zoom call for a few casual drinks is just the standard at the moment. And if that’s what we have to do we suggest you make sure you’re doing it with some decent beer. This week, get the orders in, it’s Jack Black’s Session Fresh Hop IPA.

Jack Black’s Session Fresh Hop IPA

Jack Black’s Session Fresh Hop IPA is one of their seasonal releases that they have been producing for, we think, the past four years. We featured one of them back in 2018 (you can find that post here). After visiting the George Hop Farms in March 2018 we have a bit of a soft spot for these beers (report here). When you’ve been through the hop fields, crushing and smelling hand fulls of fresh hops the beers are that much more enticing. It’s one of the great things about IPAs, the fantastic aroma’s brewers get out of the hops.

Jack Black has dialed back somewhat on this years release and put it out as a sessionable IPA. And that’s totally okay with us – other than the fact that the 4-pack that Matt Savage dropped off was gone before we even managed to start writing this blog post. So, head over to Jack Black’s online store and get your order in. We mentioned it a couple of weeks ago but if you live in Cape Town they are doing home deliveries. Buy beer, support an industry, win.

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