Afro Caribbean Brewing Company

Owned and managed by Greg Casey, the Afro Caribbean Brewing Co started brewing in 2015 after a few pints with brewer and friend Shawn Duthie. Located above Banana Jam the 4HL (400L) brewhouse opened to the public in 2016 where brewer Rochelle Dunlop now works tirelessly to produce 10 different Indie Ales. Shawn is still involved, has his own beer branded “The Dissident Brewing Co” and helps out with recipe development.

The Afro Caribbean Brewing Co beers are almost exclusively available from Banana Jam and brewhouse making it a must stop for any beer lovers visiting Cape Town. For those who frequent the brewery it is not uncommon to find that Greg and Rochelle have concocted a new brew; whether it be a Space Llama Double Dry Hopped IPA or a Citra Space Invader IPA Smash they are always innovating new brews and having a good time.

Other beers include:

  • Hopsession Ale (We’ve featured this beer before)
  • Coconut IPA
  • Island Blonde
  • Porter
  • American Wheat

We’re tremendously excited to have the Afro Caribbean Brewing Co join Barley&Hops. Be sure to check in frequently for news, merch and giveaways from this landmark brewhouse in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

You can find the Afro Caribbean Brewing Co on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Barley&Hops Favourite: Hopsession Ale