Friday Beer: Hoptown BMC Lager

Welcome to February, bet you didn’t see that coming. We’re also pretty sure you didn’t expect to come here this week and find that we had actually followed through and come to the party with a Lager. Specifically the Hoptown BMC Lager, a “rich, characterful, pale lager, with considerable malt and hop character and a

Friday Beer: Riot Valve IPA

Welcome to our final featured Friday Beer for the year – The Riot Valve IPA! Quite frankly even we are surprised we managed to get this blog post up (has been quite a treacherous Festive Season). Maybe give it a few days to try this one as you will need the aftertaste of Christmas Ham

Friday Beer: Karoo Craft Oryx Weiss

It’s Friday afternoon, it’s baking in Cape Town and you’re probably thinking about doing the weekly bottle store visit (or is that just us?). To help along this week we thought we would pick up a Karoo Craft Oryx Weiss. full disclosure, we’ve never tried this beer, or any of their beers before. Their packaging