Devil’s Peak

Devil's Peak Brewing Company

Devil’s Peak Brewing Company was born in the craft beer revolution where they are proud to play an integral part in the education of South African beer consumers.

The name of the brewery was chosen to firmly root the brand in Cape Town. Devil’s Peak is a geological landmark steeped in myth. It has a strong authenticity and sense of place. It is iconic in the minds of all those who have come to experience it, which is what they strive for.

In March of 2012, after two years of business case development, recipe development, brewing, government applications, and acquiring the right talent, Devil’s Peak Brewing Company was ready to show South Africa what it was capable of. A tradition of innovation and world-class, award-winning beers has followed. From international collaborations and limited releases to the largest barrel-aging program in the country, DPBC is ready to meet the challenges of an ever-changing craft beer landscape head on.

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