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The Anti Hangover is for parties, for those nights when 1 becomes 2 and 2 becomes tequila. It’s for dinner that turns into karaoke, for late night braais, for bierfests, for winning the big game, and for losing it, for landing that big client, and for landing the next one the day after.
Oh, and it tastes like pancakes.
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The Anti Hangover is made with all natural ingredients, so you can bounce back from the effects of alcohol, and you can finally forget what “the day after” means.
While most other hangover remedies expect you to make good decisions, The Anti Hangover can be used before / during / after / anytime. you’re having a drink.
The Anti Hangover is a hangover remedy that works on multiple aspects of a hangover. The honey raises the blood sugar, which is usually low after some drinks. The taurine helps cell hydration, and improves recovery. Cinnamon reduces blood pressure. All those things cause hangover headaches. Ginger eases nausea. Himalayan salt and polyhalite helps replenish electrolytes.
The Easysnap packaging contains a single dose, but you can take as many as you want. The packaging is designed to be able to be kept on you, because no one plans to drink too much. Keep it in your handbag, your pocket, your wallet, or next to your bed. And you don’t need to mix it with anything, or take it before drinking, or even take it with water. Easy peasy.

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  1. Matthew

    Really tastes like pancakes!

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