Friday Beer – Stellenbosch Brewing Co Cannabis Lager

Calm your horses. This is not what you might be lead to think. This is not the Lager that will leave you giggling uncontrollably to Wayne’s World while chowing down on a bucket of KFC, and chatting at depth to “Larry” who is in fact your cat and who’s name is actually Dimples. This is however a very pleasant Lager and it is this weeks Friday Beer. Brewed in collaboration with Dr Weed SA it is the Stellenbosch Brewing Co Cannabis Lager.

Stellenbosch Brewing Co Cannabis Lager

To understand why this Cannabis Lager won’t leave you gibbering to your mate “Larry” you need to understand the chemicals. We’re no experts in this particular field but as we understand it there are two; THC and CBD. THC is the chemical that makes you speak to “Larry” and chew on your slippers. CBD on the other hand does not give a high, it is however meant to be very good for treating a variety of conditions – sleep issues, pain, and it has a calming effect. What we then have is a calming, pain relieving Lager.

A quick side note. Marijuana (Cannabis) and Hops (Humulus) are from the same family Cannabinaceae. So breweries that have produced a full blown Marijuana brew have simply thrown the weed in at the same time as the hops. With a CBD brew this would have been done differently. Bruce from Stellies sent these through:

How did you and Dr Weed SA get in touch? We are cousins from another mother! He knows Cannabis and we know Hops and Beer it is a match made on Cloud 9!And the decision to do a Cannabis Lager? We wanted a really smooth and easy drinking, calming sessionable drink and we wanted the CBD oil to come through. We are working on a higher CBD content version as well.

How much did you brew? Only 1,000L at this stage but the response has been magnificent and we by the team you post this we will have another 4000L in the tank and ready for sale in September

Where is it available? Soon to be available in all our specialty liquor outlets in CT, JNB and DBN and available country-wide direct to your door via

Be honest, how much of this had you had? With 5mg CBD per can and a daily recommended dosage of 20mg per day we are sticking to 4 per person per day!

So, maybe stick to Dimples this weekend and enjoy a 4-pack of the Stellenbosch Brewing Co Cannabis Lager. Be sure to share you pictures with us and let us know what you think.

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  1. Tried the cann-o-bliss here in Richard’s Bay with first hemp experience and now cannot buy any as Bobby Greenhash Foundation had a opening day and another group from outside were selling at the promotion.Please can u tell me who stocks in Kwazulu Natal.Can u also forward your price lists.I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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