Friday Beer – Darling Marula Noir Bone Crusher

Two weeks ago we featured the new Devil’s Peak King’s Blockhouse IPA. It’s a beer that Devil’s Peak rethought to get it back into the hearts of those who first took to it eight years ago. We then spotted another beer out in the wild. One that had been one of our favourites many moons (and beers) ago. It was the Darling Bone Crusher Wit Beer, but this one was different. It was an extra hopped version and it was delicious. A few weeks later and we spotted this, the Darling Marula Noir Bone Crusher. And it to was delicious.

Darling Marula Noir Bone Crusher

Having spoken with Devil’s Peak about the reinvigorated Blockhouse we reached out to Philippa Wood from Darling. We wanted to find out a bit more about the “juicing up” of an old favourite of ours.

Because Bonecrusher is such a robust Wit beer with its traditional coriander flavour and skull legend, we thought we’d introduce his son first. Welcome to the family Hoppy!

Hoppy is a cheeky little beast with all the impressive build of his dad. Dual dry-hopped with Amarillo and Calypso, Hoppy is slightly more bitter with a refreshing light citrus undertone. He’s young and brash but, like the pater familias he’ll quench the hell out of any thirst.

With Hoppy rocking our Wit beer sales in the second quarter, we decided it was time to introduce his sister. Marula Noire is the black sheep of the Bonecrusher family. Not only is she sultry and tempting, this a true daughter of Africa. She’s a dark Wit beer, is bursting with juicy citrus and other tropical flavours.

To create Marula Noire, our brewmaster Rene du Toit matured Bone crusher on Marula fruit. This provides a uniquely African flavour balanced by a silky-smooth light chocolate and toffee-malt backbone that is irresistible. 

With all that said and done we can confidently say that if there is a fresh batch of the Darling Marula Noir Bone Crusher around in December there is a very good chance it will make it into the Barley&Hops Christmas 6-pack. In case it is not, best you get out there and pick some up. We’ll say it again. Delicious.

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