Friday Beer – Fraser’s Folly Wild Raspberry Sour

It is the Cape Town Festival of Beer this weekend and so, while at the launch, we went on the hunt for something exclusive. We assume that if you are in Cape Town and you read this blog that you will ultimately be making your way to the Festival at some point this weekend. And we 100% encourage you to. Not just because we are involved but because you will get to try a whole lot of beers you might otherwise not. This is one of them, the Fraser’s Folly Wild Raspberry Sour. 

Fraser's Folly Wild Raspberry Sour
Thanks Paul from The Kennel Brewery for educating us in Instagram editing. 

Fraser’s Folly is owned and run by brewer Fraser Crighton who we are a big fan of. He’s a hugely charismatic individual who is generally up for anything; even chowing down on a chili with the guys from Beer Country even though he doesn’t eat spicy food. He’s also one of the most authentic individuals you would run into on the beer scene; what you see is what you get. Thankfully these traits carry through to his beers. 

We’ve been wanting to feature one of Fraser’s beers for a while. He is however based out in Bredasdorp which makes it quite difficult to connect so we we’re thankful we managed to nail him down at the Cape Town Festival of Beer launch. Deciding to feature his Fraser’s Folly Wild Raspberry Sour he had this to say:

It’ not a mickey mouse $%^&ing pink drink. This is a blend of a 1 year and 2 year old sour, barrel aged in cabernet and shiraz barrels. 

To take his quote a little further “it is #$%^ing delicious”. And we have to agree. If you’re venturing into sour beer territory for the first time this is going to be a very good one to try. 

This beer is not yet ready to go out to stores and will be exclusively available at the Cape Town Festival of Beer this weekend. Make sure you visit Fraser and let him know you read about his Wild Raspberry Sour on Barley&Hops. He may even offer you a free pint. 

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Hopefully we will see you at the Festival this weekend. Tickets are still available online from Webtickets and will be available at the gate.


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