Friday Beer – Saggy Stone Brut IPA

Well, this is a problematic Friday Beer. We’ve never done this before and it feels somewhat strange doing it now. We are however throwing caution to the wind and going for it. Why? Because this is the second incarnation of the Metal Lane x Saggy Stone Champagne Citra Nova. Featured back in 2018, god it was a good beer. And we’re hoping for much the same here. It’s the Saggy Stone Brut IPA.

Saggy Stone Brut IPA

A big part of this beer is the really unfortunate end to Metal Lane. A brewery that came out of nowhere, blew the roof off, won a ton of awards and then, very unfortunately, shut down. The good news is that Murray Middleton who was the mad man behind the beer has been playing in the same dungeon as JC Steyn from Devil’s Peak. Between them only good things can happen.

So, tremendously sad that Metal Lane closed, glad Murray is still brewing, and equally glad that the Champagne Citra Nova has a second crack at life. We reached out to Liam Mc Elhinney from Saggy Stone with a couple of questions.

Rumours that the Brut IPA has joined the staple line up? Thats right, all year, available in 500ml cans and on tap at our leading venues. And we have created a Brut IPA range that we will be releasing this year. Citra Nova being the flagship, we will release three to four limited release Brut IPAs this year. All showcasing the latest and best hops we can get our hands on!

What makes this beer so good? I think a combination of things makes this beer so delicious – firstly the style is perfect for the South African climate, they are light, dry and highly carbonated which makes it so refreshing. Secondly, the showcasing of really hop superstars like Citra. We use the best quality hops, and these give the beer all of its fruity citrus aroma and flavour.

Final words? We’re really excited about the Brut IPA Range and feel there is a lot of potential to attract non-beer drinkers to the wonderful world of beer!

That is a fair bit to get excited about. For this week then, enjoy the new-not-new Saggy Stone Brut IPA. We’re very stoked to have it back. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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